hey there. I'm megan.

i'm here to help you.

More specifically I am here to listen and not only get to know your business but the person who built it. Step by step you will have an ever-present brand expert to field your questions and make the process as smooth as possible.

By hiring me you will be saving yourself hours of valuable time that you can spend on doing the things you love (or taking a nap). You will also be ensuring that your brand and website do the things they are supposed to do.... making you money.  


Let’s not blind date, in order to give you a brand that you adore we need to get to know each other and ensure that it’s a “will you accept this rose” type love. By hiring me you get a designer, a web developer, a technically trained brand expert, a coffee and wine enthusiast and your biggest cheerleader.

Every good design, idea, concept and business starts with one little dot on a piece of paper and then grows and expands into something you never believed it could be. I provide the whole package, brand design, website building and integration, and assistance navigating the tricky world of social media.


About Little Dot Creative | Branding and Squarespace Website design
About Little Dot Creative | Branding and Squarespace Website design
About Little Dot Creative | Branding and Squarespace Website design

Let's get to know each other

I’m Megan the Creative Director + Owner of Little Dot Creative. From a very young age I always admired branding and loved watching companies evolve and adapt their style. This translated into an almost feverish hoarding of fonts and graphics so that I could learn how to create logos, mood boards and styles of my own. I followed my passion for design to Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada where I received my Bachelor of Communications in Information Design.

I landed a job at a non-profit right out of school as the sole graphic designer. I liked what I did and loved that it was all for a good cause but this job was also the job that started a long string of not-so-awesome bosses. After a few years of suffering through companies I didn’t love, designing graphics I didn’t love while freelancing on the side, I decided it was time to put away the horrible bosses and start my company once and for-all.

fun facts

  • I am a coffee fanatic! I can’t get enough, and some of my favourite activities include checking out a new coffee shop in town. If you live in Calgary, send me message, I love chatting with other bosses.

  • I’m a hardcore dog mom. I love my black lab, Nilla to bits. She was named after “Vanilla” and you might be thinking, umm she’s black not white… so I will also remind you that vanilla beans are black….see what I did there. Nilla is often found under my desk as I work, and she is always quick to remind you to take a break (or nap) when needed.

  • I love to cook, and one of my passion projects is creating and designing a cookbook. I primarily eat and cook Whole 30 compliant meals (and lost over 40 pounds after doing 5 rounds of it). But of course there’s always balance in life, and you can sometimes find me huddled over a bag of chips or a bowl of popcorn (it’s like a 6th food group in our house).  



My secret sauce

Information design, just like any good relationship, is all about making the complex simple.

My job is to find the perfect match between pretty and smart design.

Through many years of mid-day naps and late night coffee drinking I have developed my unique graphic design technique and even have a snazzy degree to prove it. Rather than give you a trendy logo that will fade like last summer's tan, I will set you up with a brand that will reflect your timeless style inside and out.

Information design is just that, designing information in a way that is so much more than just a pretty page. It takes into account user experience, information architecture and presenting the information in a clear and concise way. It’s the sliced bread of the design world, making yours and your clients life easier one piece at a time.

Branding and Squarespace website design
Branding and Squarespace Website Design

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